Turkey is an interesting place in all aspects. Bridging Asia and Europe and bordering the Middle East and Caucasus, Turkey could very well be regarded as the focal point on a global canvas. And what a beautiful canvas that is!

I first fell in love with Turkey when I traveled to Istanbul. And surely, this city has a special place in my heart even though I nowadays, spend far more time in the Aegan region than in Istanbul.

After several trips to Turkey, I’ve gathered hordes of memories and photographs that I wish to share with you. And more will be added as this website is constantly under development. So please check back every now and then.

This gallery is more than an ordinary stock photo website. It i also an online gallery for anyone to watch and enjoy. However, please respect copyright and immaterial rights. Photos published here are available for purchase for editorial or commercial use, after agreement.

For those who still haven’t been acquainted with this gorgeous, dynamic and vibrant place where the orient begins: Go there! Or at least, let this gallery intrigue you to discover Turkey and some of it’s surroundings!


Erika Aldenberg, photographer and founder of Turkey Image Gallery